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Most Common Questions

What is a Duolingo Pro account? 

A Duolingo Pro account is an advanced version of the Duolingo educational platform, offering additional features and an enhanced learning experience for users. In addition to the free educational content provided by Duolingo, the Duolingo Pro account provides unlimited access to all advanced features and educational tools.

Is it a free account? 

Yes, we offer this service for free for one year, in exchange for completing a simple task that takes less than a minute.

How can I get a free Duolingo Pro account? 

Click the "Get it for free" button and complete just one task. Watch how to get an account from here.

Is it a Pro account? 

Yes, we provide you with an ad-free account, unlimited hearts, access to many tests, and many other features.

Do I have to pay for this service? 

No, there is no annual or monthly subscription fee. This account is free for a full year.

Can I activate the account with the same information? 

Yes, when you visit the link, click on login directly, enter the same information, and congratulations, you have a free account for a full year.


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